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oh karma, you are a fickle beast. i don’t know what i ever did to you, but you reached our your slimy hand and did your worst — you took my sense of taste with a miserable cold on THE day of taste. the day after thanksgiving. leftovers day.

i’ll have you know i ate leftovers anyway, despite my taste bud-numbing cold. but it all tasted like water. and dirt. *sobs

before this all went down, i did actually enjoy the goodness of thanksgiving on the day of. let’s start our tour de plate:

the sides are were it’s at, ladies and gents. if you didn’t already know that, you’re probably not a hippie. from the top going clockwise, we’ve got italian bread stuffing with garlic and walnuts; brussels sprouts and grapes roasted in olive oil and tossed in toasted walnuts and balsamic vinegar; roasted sweet potatoes in honey, cinnamon, smoked paprika, and olive oil.

then onto the main event. the gobbler.

now, this turkey’s glisten isn’t natural. it’s a finely tuned combination of maple syrup, orange zest, apple cider vinegar, and brown sugar. how do we create these things you ask?! i don’t know. honestly. i’d ask martha and her minions. they’d totally know.

the best part about this bird was its glaze. and the best part about the glaze was the drippings from the glaze. and the best part about the drippings from the glaze is that it makes gravy. when one dripping loves another dripping very much…

brrrrrrrrrt. canwejusttalkaboutgravy. real talk.

just look at that. that silken smooth earthy brown liquid goodness. i don’t like gravy. i’m pretty sure i swore it off in third grade when dan garbutt spoon katapulted some lunch lady gravy into my face. but this… this is not gravy. it’s liquid gooooooold. it was about 1/4 of drippings (with floral hints of that glaze, see what i did there?) 1 cup of chicken stock, and 1 tablespoon of flour. oh, and turkey fat. 3 tablespoons of it. did i mention that there’s turkey fat in it? reduced of course…

washed all down with a lovely white wine from trader joe’s, and we still had room for pie. let’s not feign shock and awe here. it’s pie, people.

actually, it’s pie with ice cream and tiny little crust leaves for that autumnal touch of whimsy. it’s all about the whimsy. commit to the whimsy.

no judging for any typos/crap in this post. i’m typing this with one hand as there is currently a cat occupying my lap. yes, folks, cats everywhere are participating in #occupy too. except they’ve been doing it for centuries and y’all are just now catching up. they are the 99%. no, really. please spay and neuter your pets.

told ya.


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