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maple bacon biscuits

ladies and gents. i give you one word: BACON. yeah. i capped it. it’s that important.

i could never pick between my love of biscuits and my love of bacon. it would be like asking a cast iron skillet to choose between butter and crisco.

so when a cozy kitchen’s recipe for maple bacon biscuits came into my life, it was truly love at first sight. i’m happy to report we’re still in a loving relationship, bacon and i.

when a recipe’s first step is, “bake 8 strips of bacon” — how bad could it possibly be? also, the recipe says 5-8 strips, but you’ll need 8, because you will eat 3 of them before they make it into the batter. because it looks a little somethin’ like this:

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oh karma, you are a fickle beast. i don’t know what i ever did to you, but you reached our your slimy hand and did your worst — you took my sense of taste with a miserable cold on THE day of taste. the day after thanksgiving. leftovers day.

i’ll have you know i ate leftovers anyway, despite my taste bud-numbing cold. but it all tasted like water. and dirt. *sobs

before this all went down, i did actually enjoy the goodness of thanksgiving on the day of. let’s start our tour de plate:

the sides are were it’s at, ladies and gents. if you didn’t already know that, you’re probably not a hippie. from the top going clockwise, we’ve got italian bread stuffing with garlic and walnuts; brussels sprouts and grapes roasted in olive oil and tossed in toasted walnuts and balsamic vinegar; roasted sweet potatoes in honey, cinnamon, smoked paprika, and olive oil.

then onto the main event. the gobbler.

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pork carnitas

remember that time i went to Shoppers and only bought a pork butt? i do. reminded me of the time i went to target and only bought two tubs of crisco for frying donuts, and having the cashier ask me, “now, what are you going to do with two tubs of crisco?” this time i did self-check out.

h/t to john for providing the recipe this round. the original recipe is courtesy of homesick texan, but i took a few pointers from smitten kitchen’s version and came up with my own.

as miss smitten kitchen starts out her post — this is shamefully easy. literally the hardest part is cutting up the pork butt into 2-inch pieces. i’m not complaining. when i cooked it, jack was all, “zomg, mom, that smells so good. why doesn’t my dinner smell like that?” and i said, “cuz you’s a cat, yo.”

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spicy pumpkin soup

this is some kind of magic devil soup. it really doesn’t get any easier than this. this recipes comes to us from Simply Recipes. inspired by a bon appetite slideshow about canned pumpkin, they included a photo of pumpkin soup, but they don’t like to share recipes, so i had to look elsewhere. and i did, bon appetite… and. i. did.

i started making this in the middle of the second quarter of the Steelers game, and by the middle of the third, I was sitting down to a steamin’ bowl of yum. if this color orange doesn’t make you want to go out and buy a pumpkin patch, you’re probably not a hippie…

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