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pork carnitas

remember that time i went to Shoppers and only bought a pork butt? i do. reminded me of the time i went to target and only bought two tubs of crisco for frying donuts, and having the cashier ask me, “now, what are you going to do with two tubs of crisco?” this time i did self-check out.

h/t to john for providing the recipe this round. the original recipe is courtesy of homesick texan, but i took a few pointers from smitten kitchen’s version and came up with my own.

as miss smitten kitchen starts out her post — this is shamefully easy. literally the hardest part is cutting up the pork butt into 2-inch pieces. i’m not complaining. when i cooked it, jack was all, “zomg, mom, that smells so good. why doesn’t my dinner smell like that?” and i said, “cuz you’s a cat, yo.”

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